Funky Circuit
Based in Derby, UK

Release date:
4 July, 2013


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Inquisition Earth!


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Inquisition Earth! is a geography quiz game with a game-like structure and friendly presentation.

Unlike a school test, Inquisition Earth! has a style that engages the whole family and an immersive campaign that stores all of your progress, so a few minutes each day builds up to greater geography knowledge (and world domination!).


2 friends, Buzz Light and Woody Green, decided to make some games together in their spare time. After a botched alien abduction attempted during a pub quiz they were both attending, Buzz and Woody were inspired to make a game about alien invasion crossed with a geography quiz, and the seed of “Inquisition Earth!” was born.


  • Stable, quick, easy and responsive to play. Perfect for a quick dip whenever!
  • Accurate question data, continually supported and updated as the world itself changes.
  • Tests knowledge of countries, flags, capitals, currencies, populations, languages and more
  • Uses memory techniques such as repetition to aid recollection through daily play
  • Feels less like a series of separate school tests, and more like a fun, global campaign
  • No typing required. Choose from multiple choice answers, selected to challenge
  • Non-random choices of answer. Options offered are intelligently chosen according to factors such as linguistics, proximity, colour and design


Inquisition Earth! - game play YouTube

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    About Funky Circuit

    Funky Circuit is an independent game company based in Derby, UK.

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    Inquisition Earth! Credits

    Buzz Light
    Design & Art Direction

    Woody Green

    Elly Walton Illustrations

    Marmot Audio
    Sound & Music

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