Inquisition Earth! - FAQs

Thanks for playing Inquisition Earth! We aim to be the most accurate geography quiz available, so to suggest corrections and updates, please email us at If you are looking for our press-kit, please find it here

Q: Help! When I select red countries the “Attack” button appears but nothing happens when I press it. How do I fix this?

A: This was an issue with version 1.0 of the game. Please update the game from the App Store and everything will be back to normal.

Q: Why are some countries/capitals names different to what I expected?

A: In order not to make our own personal judgements, we use the United Nations as our guide to official names, which is why you won't find commonly used forms such as "Russia", "Syria" or "North Korea".

All information is correct according to the latest UN and CIA websites, June 2013, but to suggest corrections and updates, please email us at

Q: Why do some counties remain grey/unselectable, whatever you do?

A: Some land masses on earth are not recognised by the UN as sovereign states in their own right, and are therefore not in play (not part of the 193 total). For example, Greenland isn’t a country as such but just a huge island owned by Denmark.

Q: Why can't you just select any country and attack it?

A: You can only attack countries on the borders to those already conquered. Attackable countries are marked red and have a target drawn on their capital city.

Q: Am I right in assuming that over a certain time period your countries go from green to yellow to grey to red?

A: Yes. You only hold countries for 3 days (72h) before they slowly expire again*. The colour change shows their status, as does the small status bar that appears when you click upon them.

*unless you defend them.

Q: Why are some flags duplicated on some questions?

A: Some countries do actually have the same flag! But if that is the answer required, we never show the other one. So if you see a duplicate, it’s a clue that both answers are wrong.

Q: Is there a correlation between the number of coins you get for winning?

A: Yes - for every one of your troops remaining after an attack, you get a coin. You also get a bonus coin for each battle fully completed, win or lose.

Q: Is there any penalty for quitting out of an attack that is not going well?

A: You don’t get that completion coin. And you won’t know the other answers for next time.

Q: What is 'defend' mode?

A: Defend mode is available when a country has already expired by 24h.
If you correctly defend a country, you will extend the time you hold onto it by 24h (turning greener). If however you are defeated, it will drop 24h closer to expiring back into enemy hands (turning yellower).

Q: For defending, why is the population shown at the bottom when it is one of the answers?

A: It’s a freebie ensuring you can always score 10…if you remember the value before it disappears! It also helps to explain the defending army size, which for defending is based upon that country’s actual population, requiring a different strategy.

Q: Is there any way to 'reset' the game?

A: Not designed within the product, but you can uninstall and re-install the game

Q: How do I get back to the continent selection?

A: This is not possible. You only get a free starting point (homebase) selection once per day.

Q: Can you purchase more coins if you have run out?

A: Not at this time. So use them wisely.

Q: Can coins be used for other things?

A: No. Currently coins only allow you to attack locked countries.

Q: Is there a good campaign strategy to reach the maximum score of 193?

A1: One strategy might be to create routes to areas where you lack the most knowledge, and capture those areas first while the enemy challenge level is lower. Save the countries you know most about until the end.

A2: Save your coins. You’ll need them later. Instead of unlocking territories, come back after 12h and they will have naturally unlocked for free.

Q: Can I turn the music on or off?

A: Yes. Go to the "Best friends" page (the button at the top right with your best score). On the "Best friends" page tap the UFO at the top left. That should toggle the music volume on or off.

Page based on: presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks