carcophony - FAQs

Thanks for playing carcophony! If you have a problem or a question, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below. If the problem you have is not listed here, please email us at: If you are looking for our press-kit, please find it here

Q: Why do I see an “Unsupported Resolution” message when I run the game?

A: Due to its nature carcophony is a very demanding game in terms of screen space. As such we have used small fonts and many UI elements to communicate with the player. At lower resolutions these elements become unreadable. As a result, the minimum supported resolution is 960x640.

This means that devices like iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and lower are not supported. For the best experience we recommend that the game is played on iPad devices.

Q: How does the scoring work?

A: For every car sent home (reaching its exit) the game awards a score equal to the time (in seconds) that the car has spent on the road network. From this comes the expression “traffic time”.

This score is then multiplied by the current multiplier. The multiplier is increased every time an ambulance reaches its target in time.

Sending 10 cars of the same colour out is called a streak! A 10 car streak is worth 1000 points, 20 cars is 2000 and so on.

Q: How can I get more car designs?

A: You can win a new car model by earning 3 stars in all jams in a jam pack (challenge mode). Alternatively you can unlock all car models in the shop with traffic time.

Q: Why do the car designs change every day?

A: When set to “daily” in the Options Menu in game the car models will change every day giving you a taste of all the available designs.

Q: How can I get more moves in challenge mode?

A: You can upgrade the moves in the shop. Each moves upgrade will give you proportionally more moves in every challenge.

Q: How can I get the cars to move faster??

A: You can upgrade the car speed in the shop. Once upgraded all cars move faster.

Page based on: presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks