Thanks for playing MZR. We aim to provide user-friendsly and easy to use product. However if you have encountered any problems with it - please contact us at: If you are looking for our press-kit, please find it here

Q: The game crashes every time I start it. How can I fix it?

A: Delete the game from your device and install it again. Due to an issue with our server some games downloaded incompatible data and cached it in the save file. We fixed the issue but the game needs to be reinstalled to delete the local save file.

Q: How much score do I get per successul maze in MZR?

A: Each successful maze (or bonus level) adds the current height and the current combo to the final score. The current height starts at 10 and can be increased at bonus levels by picking up height powerups. Combo start at +1 and increases with every consecutive success. Combo resets to 0 on FAIL. At bonus level completion the remaining time is added as a bonus score.

Q: How can I increase my play time?

A: Make your mind quicker to save time and pick up time powerups at bonus levels.

Q: How can I increase my score?

A: Pickup more height powerups - they add to every consecutive level-up score. Try to score longer combos - they can really make the difference. Finally there is bonus score. Picking closest destination at bonus levels may maximize your bonus score but sometimes it's useful to pickup more powerups in the long run.

Page based on: presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks